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Report: Erstwhile Enclaves in India: A Post-LBA Aanalysis

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For several years, MASUM has worked to monitor the living conditions of enclave dwellers. In 2013, MASUM conducted a survey to study the conditions of enclaves on both sides of the Indo-Bangladesh border. In these findings, we have seen evidence of gross negligence and apathy of the Governments of India and Bangladesh towards the residents of former enclaves. We believe these findings should be studied methodically to consolidate the grievances and demands of the erstwhile enclave dwellers. It is imperative that the lives of the erstwhile enclave dwellers escape the prison of anonymity and their voices become prominent in the discourse towards justice.

This research is being facilitated by FORUM-ASIA, and we are extremely grateful to them for joining us in this venture. This report lends concrete shape to the findings gathered by MASUM, such that substantial evidence of systemic apathy of state authorities towards their citizens can be adequately represented.

In the face of government inaction, the onus of securing the rights of the people of enclaves rests on civil society organisations, such as FORUM-ASIA and MASUM. The report is aware of the lack of literature about the ground realities of lives in enclaves, and thus seeks to make these realities available to a wider audience, including academicians, researchers, students and concerned citizens. The information in this report can contribute to a nuanced understanding of how bilateral issues jeopardize daily existence and can infringe upon the human rights of rightful citizens.

This report also seeks to attract the attention of the members of civil society organisations towards lives that have been thus far neglected. MASUM and FORUM-ASIA intend to use this research to advocate with national and international stakeholders regarding the rights of erstwhile enclave dwellers and build momentum for the recognition of these rights by relevant state authorities.
We hope that the readers of this report find it comprehensive and are moved to contribute to the cause that our team is striving for.

Justice Malay Sengupta
President, MASUM, Ex-Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court


For a PDF version of this report, click here