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NEPAL – FORUM-ASIA chairperson refuses honour by government

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Subodh Raj Pyakurel, chairperson of FORUM-ASIA, refused the decoration by the Nepali government. Other nominees included the people responsible for the “Kalanki massacre” in 2006, and he released a statement below on 31 May 2010. On 2 June, the council of ministers decided to scrap the two medals conferred to controversial police officers.

The news that I have been included in the list of the recipients of Suprawal Janasewa Shree (Third) decoration conferred by Right Honorable President as recommended by the Government of Nepal has seriously drawn my attention.

I respect and am obliged to the decision of Nepal Government to honor me with the decoration valuing my incessant commitment and sincere involvement for democracy and human rights.

In course of People’s Movement II Armed Police Force led by the then SSP Durjakumar Rai had extensively stifled the agitators shooting at them at Kalanki Chowk near my office on 20 April 2006. 12 persons were injured in the incident. Although the incident had occurred on the day when curfew was clamped and monitoring of the situation was not allowed, we had been able to take 8 of those seriously injured persons to Katmandu Model Hospital keeping them in our van. Our driver Prem Khadgi deserves special respect for taking the vehicle with the injured persons to the hospital oblivious of the situation that his life was at risk in front of the security forces trying to block him in many places aiming the guns at.

Of the 8 injured persons, Sagun Tamrakar and Dipak Kami were dead shortly. In course of treatment in India Pradhumna Khadka died on 29 April 2006. Sagun and Pradhumna used to live at the very area- Syuchatar, where my office locates. Protesting the incident we had printed posters after snapping the photo of the then SSP Rai who was aiming his pistol at the agitators and we had distributed the posters. The posters were utilized by the agitators across the country to further energize themselves for their goal.

Overlooking the martyrdom of the three martyrs at the Kalanki area and putting myself beside the commander Durjakumar Rai of security team involved in Kalanki Massacre and who has been made responsible by Rayamajhi Commission for the incident, I can’t dare to accept the decoration. So, I would like to make it public that I refuse to accept the decoration.

To read the complete statement, please click here.