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MONGOLIA – Human rights NGO submits report to the Universal Periodic Review

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Mongolian NGOs Forum has submited its report to the UN Human Rights Council regarding human rights situation in Mongolia.
Mongolian NGOs Forum has submited its report to the UN Human Rights Council regarding human rights situation in Mongolia.
The UN Human Rights Council will undergo a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Mongolia regarding the human rights situation on the 23rd of November 2010 at the 9th session of the UPR working group in Geneva. 
Non-governmental organizations (NGO) have many opportunities to take part and influence the UPR process by sending submissions on human rights violations in its country in a way of disclosing human rights violation issues.
Therefore, NGOs in Mongolia are paying a special attention to effectively use the UPR that is a new and unique human rights mechanism of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council aiming at improving the human rights situation on the ground.
The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), the Center for Human Rights and Development, and the Globe International organized "Mongolian NGOs workshop on the Universal Periodic Review" in January 2010 in Ulaanbaatar. At the event, a Mongolian NGOs Forum was set up. Working groups of this Forum came up with their plan and decided to make two joint submissions and six individual submissions.
Following submissions were sent to the UN Human Rights Council on April 19, 2010. It includes :

  •  Joint Submission – Implementation of Human Rights in Mongolia
  •  Joint Submission – Environment/Mining and Human Rights
  •  Individual Submission – Rights of minorities
  •  Individual Submission – Rights of migrants
  •  Individual Submission – Political Rights including Right to Vote
  •  Individual Submission – Right to Food
  •  Individual Submission – Right of Victims of Human Trafficking
  •  Individual Submission – Human Rights violations during the incident on 1 July 2008

Its main feature and advantage is that The NGO Forum's submission has been delivered to the UN Human Rights Council during the Mongolian Government's preparation of the UPR process. The NGO Forum's submission project was organized jointly by the Australian Government's scholarship program on human rights and Open Society Forum.
According to the regulation adopted by UN General Assembly, it recommends to prepare a National Report, to be sent to the UPR of the UN Human Rights Council, under national scale consultations of all related parties. We call the Government of Mongolia to launch a preparation of the UPR process in all stages involving civil society and NGOs.