At FORUM-ASIA, we employ a range of strategies to effectively achieve our goals and create a lasting impact.

Through a diverse array of approaches, FORUM-ASIA is dedicated to achieving our objectives and leaving a lasting imprint on human rights advocacy.

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Our interventions are meticulously crafted and ready to enact tangible change, addressing pressing issues and empowering communities.

Each statements, letters, and publications are meticulously tailored, poised to transform challenges into opportunities, and to empower communities towards sustainable progress.

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With a firm commitment to turning ideas into action, FORUM-ASIA strives to create lasting change that leaves a positive legacy for future generations.

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The Internship Programme aims to provide on-the-job training opportunities to students or graduates from a range of educational and professional backgrounds. Interns will have the opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge on human rights and acquire practical skills required for engaging with different advocacy, campaigns and research on the situation of human rights in Asia. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of human rights challenges in Asia. Interns will also acquire practical experience of work in NGOs and civil society in Asia.

The Internship Programme is part of FORUM-ASIA’s wider efforts to develop a next generation of human rights defenders equipped with leadership and skills for strategic advocacy actions. This effort will also help to strengthen civil society organisations and human rights movement as a whole.

Areas of the Internship Programme

Communication and Media Programme  aims to strengthen public outreach and communication with members and partners through developed media strategies and coordination on various advocacy and campaigning work. It seeks to enhance the effectiveness of organizational information management and communication systems through developing publications and maintenance of the organisational directory and database. The unit monitors and researches on human rights issues in Asia thus publishing human rights reports and analysis.

United Nations Advocacy Programme aims to advocate human rights and development issues at the inter-governmental organisations on human rights, mainly UN Human Rights Council and its related bodies. It aims to promote effective use of UN human rights treaty bodies through monitoring, individual communication, documentation (counter-report), lobby, implementation and etc.

Human Rights Defenders Programme aims to protect human rights activists and practitioners by strengthening and promoting the role of the Human Rights Defenders in accordance with internationally recognised human rights standards and norms. It is also designed to strengthen capacity of HRDs through various fora, workshops and trainings.

South & East Asia Country Programme  aims to assist FORUM-ASIA’s members and partners in their local and national struggles to campaign on human rights through international solidarity actions and empowerment to defend themselves through international human rights law and the UN mechanisms.

ASEAN Advocacy Programme aims to enhance the independence and effectiveness of the ASEAN Human Rights mechanisms by strengthening participation of civil society in ASEAN.

General Tasks and Activities of Internship

Common tasks:

Interns might be requested to perform other tasks according to personal capacity and programme needs. This shall be further determined as the internship proceeds.


Qualifications of Applicants

Applicants should have:

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