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From our Member YLBHI, Indonesia – Condemning the Inhumane Act of Detention Against the Gay Community in Atlantis Gym & Sauna

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Joint Statement

Condemning the Inhumane Act of Detention Against the Gay Community in Atlantis Gym & Sauna

The Advocacy Coalition for Violence Against Gender and Sexual Minority Groups has been accompanying the unlawful detention of around 144 customers of Atlantis & Sauna on 21 May 2017 at 20.00. The raid was done by Operational Office of Crime & Violence & Mobile Detectives for North Jakarta Resort Police, Head of Criminal Investigation Department – Senior Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP), Nasriadi. The victims were detained and brought to the North Jakarta District Police Office with their belongings confiscated as evidence. The police stated that the detention was done due to violations of Art. 36 jo. Art. 10 Law No. 4 Year 2008 on Pornography & Art. 30 jo. Art. 4 par. (2) on pornographic service provider.

Victims were raided, detained and brought to North Jakarta Police District Office using public bus transportation called Kopaja. In the office, a couple of the victims were brought in for questioning. They were also stripped and separated into two groups between visitors and staff, moved between rooms for investigative reasons unclothed.

Even accompanied by advocates from The Advocacy Coalition for Violence Against Gender  and Sexual Minority Groups, they were still treated unlawfully by the local police by photographing the victims naked and then disseminated those photos to the point of virality be it by messages, social media or the news media. We find that act to be illegal and inhumane. The police also rejected the accompaniment of an advocate representing the Coalition for a number of victims who were rumored to be brought to the Ministry.

This detainment is a bad precedent for gender minority groups and other sexual groups. Detention in the private sphere could become a basis for other public violence. That is why, we, The Advocacy Coalition for Violence Against Gender and Sexual Minority Groups condemns the illegal act and demands the police to:

  1. Not reveal victims’ private data, because such an act would cause a threat to the victims’ safety and well-being while also violating the privacy rights of its citizens.
  2. Not disseminate photos or other information that might degrade victims’ status.
  3. Fulfil victims’ presumption of innocence, release them immediately and restore their good standings.

Jakarta, 22 May 2017


Contact person

LBH Jakarta: Pratiwi Febry (+62-813-8740-0670)

LBH Masyarakat:  Ricky Gunawan (+62-812-1067-7657)

LBH Pers: Asep Komarudin (+62-813-1072-8770)

Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR): Supi Surpiadi Widodo (+62-815-8631-5499)

Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI): Isnur (+62-815-1001-4395)

Arus Pelangi: Yuli Rustinawati (+62-817-6004-446), Lini (+62-811-1717-201)