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From our Member, SUARAM, Malaysia – Statement of the Citizen Action Group on Enforced Disappearances (CAGED) Committee

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Statement issued by the Citizen Action Group on Enforced Disappearances (CAGED) Committee on 24th May 2017

1) We want to thank all friends and concerned Malaysians for their prayers and words of support.
2) This morning three of CAGED activists (Thomas Fann, Sevan Doraisamy & Rama Ramanathan) went in to Police HQ at Bukit Aman, KL at 10am.
3) They were questioned as witnesses under Section 505(b) of the Penal Code for intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.
4) This was in relation to the statement we issued when we launched the Citizen Action Group on Enforced Disappearance (CAGED). In the statement we assumed that Pastor Raymond Koh, Pastor Joshua Hilmy and Ruth, and Amri Che Mat were victims of “enforced disappearance”.
5) As defined by UN, enforced disappearance occurs when a person is secretly abducted or imprisoned by a state or political organization or by a third party with the authorization, support, or acquiescence of a state or political organization.
6) We were accompanied by a lawyer each and were questioned simultaneously by three Investigation Officers and the sessions lasted between 20 to 30mins. It was conducted professionally and civilly.
7) They wanted to know details about CAGED like who the members are, the leadership, registration and whether we were formed at the instruction of outsiders. For most questions we exercised our rights not to answer questions that may incriminate ourselves or others but chose to answer them in court should we be charged.
8) We echo the call of the United Nations Office of The High Commissioner for Human Rights where the Malaysian Government was called to urgently sign and ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED). Show us your sincerity in resolving these disappearances and assure us that the Government will take action against any rogue elements within the Government that engages in any form of enforced disappearances by signing and ratifying the ICPPED immediately.
9) We will continue to push for answers and resolution to the disappearances and to support all the affected families. Today’s visit to the Police Headquarter at Bukit Aman will not deter us from pursuing the truth and justice for the victims.