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From our Member KontraS, Indonesia – Kampung Melayu Terminal Bombing: Balancing Detection System and Accountability Standards is the Key

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The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS) regrets the bombing that occurred in Kampung Melayu Terminal, Jakarta. The explosion that occurred on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 affected to 4 persons dead and dozens with injuries, three of the dead victims were from the police institution, and the other one still being unknown and allegedly as the perpetrator of suicide bombing. The explosion last night obviously reminds us that still in the same week, the bombing terror and explosions also occurred in other parts of the world with almost similar time. Manchester Incident (post music concert), Bangkok (along with the 3rd commemoration of Thai Military Junta), including Martial Law Declaration by Philippines President, Rodrigo Gularte in Mindanao aftermath the war between the security apparatus with the Marawi combatant, ended up with the attack in Somalia that affected to dozens of casualties at the same day with the bombing in Kampung Melayu.

As we may know, there are no comprehensive and validated analysis that could linking one incident with the others, or some literature that could reflect the tendency and threat of global security. Nonetheless, in this opportunity, KontraS would like to state that the early detection reparation and accountability system should become the key, hence the bombing and explosion that targeted to create terror and fear will not threatened the security of the civilians. As occurred in Sarinah bombing in the early 2016, in the context of early detection, intelligence information element become the priority from the security authority and the state. The management of early detection should prioritising accountability elements as well, with using an accurate information source and could be validated. Accountability to guarantee the public security could not opposite with the law enforcement and human rights principals as well.

The measurements should be appeared, recalling President Joko Widodo in the meeting of Arab Islamic America Summit already provided 4 major thinking related with the global trend on the increasing level of radicalism and terrorism; where those four matters including: (1) the improvement of religious groups harmony around the world, (2) the exchange of intelligence information, exchange of Foreign Terrorist Fighters handling, improvement on law enforcement on terrorism settlement capacity, (3) the settlement on core problems of inequality and injustice, and (4) stance to take part of solution.

Those four measures should as well being completed with several preconditions, however it seems to become the major measure in the process of the law enforcement accountability in Indonesia, including with the policy management that could become the law reference in this context. The government should carefully ensure the rule of law and not being trapped in the trade off situation between guarantee of security by security approach and civil liberties. In this respond, the closest state policy that seems to be realistic is the revision of Anti-Terror Bill that should become the milestone to balancing the state function to be present in the guarantee of public security. However, the policy should be ensured and not being justified to limiting the human rights without clear measures that could be responsibly answered.

In conclusion, KontraS hope that Police Institution could immediately uncover the motive of the bombing perpetrators in Kampung Melayu. On the other hand, the state institutions such as Witness and Victims Protection Agency (LPSK) as well as National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) could have fast responds to provide access and support towards the victims of the explosion.



Jakarta, 25 May 2017

KontraS Workers,


Putri Kanesia, SH

Deputy II of Advocacy