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FORUM-ASIA Supports Appeal for Help in Nepal

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May 6, 2015

Appeal from the Chairperson

The devastation caused by earthquake on and after April 25 is massive. More than 7,000 lost their lives and the number is increasing. 39 districts are hit out of which 11 are severely affected. Several historical monuments recognized as world heritage by UNESCO have crumbled.

There are always limits to our capacity to mitigate the adverse aftermath of a natural calamity of this extent.

Nepal got the highest priority at this crisis. Governments and people from around the world extended their hands for help. Neighboring countries India and PR of China rushed to the scene first followed by various friendly countries like the USA, the UK, Turkey, Israel, France, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka among others. Local people of affected areas and other compatriots from different parts of Nepal also rushed to support the victims.

Nepal being an underdeveloped country with very limited technical advancement is still struggling to find long-term strategy to prepare against such extreme loss of life and property. Due to the remote and difficult terrain, lack of road, airport and means of transportation, we have not been able to locate and avail reliefs. Thanks to the functional internet and dedicated security personnel, we have been able to serve our suffering people though in limited scale than urgency. Absence of local government for the last 14 years due to the political turmoil and failure of our parties to proclaim much awaited constitution reflecting aspirations of Nepali citizens for a progressive nation building have led to people’s completely loss of faith on the formal governance structure. Government has pledged that it is centralizing monetary help and its professional management is completely free of political influence. They have assured third party audit of the resource utilization.

INSEC does not have experience and expertise on serving calamities. Our proven track record is on documenting human rights violation, coordinating on counter reports to the UN system, human rights awareness, advocacy and people’s participation, leadership and monitoring of local governments at various levels. Our victims’ profile of the conflict era is one of the accredited documentations by OHCHR’s Nepal Conflict Report.

Currently, we are updating earthquake-related updates every day on our human rights news portal ( We hope it will serve the purpose of identifying real victims for relief and reparation in full course. Our reports are primary, sent by our representatives from the spot. We have contributed to the government’s relief fund from our fund and staff’s contribution. We have been furnishing information, supporting and coordinating various people involved in relief activities.

What Next:

We want to implement some exemplary works at this difficult juncture. We will focus on rebuilding homes for poorest of the poor in some worst-hit places. The construction will be local material and technology-based. We will focus on constructing community halls in settlements which would be earthquake resistant and of multiple use, including for community meetings and common shelter in crisis. We ask local governments and our parliament to devise and implement scientific settlement and land usage policy. For community halls, we will seek government land. For the purpose, we are planning to allocate more than NPR 3 million from our resources.


We request all concerned to join this effort in any way or manner they can. Every penny contributed will be documented and every moment of outcome and impact will be transparently presented. Our focus will be to set an example of sustainable efforts which should be adopted in the national plan of preparedness.

As Nepal is seismically vulnerable country, the correctly learnt lessons is the core of our future. Our partners and funders have the record of our excellence. I am confident that larger community of people and organizations will come forward to create a consolidated effort.

Thank you very much.


Our Bank Account Details:

Account Holder: Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC)

Bank Name: Bank of Kathmandu Limited

Account Name: INSEC (HRYB)

Current Account: 0602 0000 0057 524

Bank Branch: New Road Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift Code: BOKLNPKA


Subodh Raj Pyakurel



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