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FORUM-ASIA invites members to join 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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un_hrc_geneva.jpg10 December of this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). As a part of the campaign, FORUM-ASIA is planning several events and we would like all members to join us and enjoy this celebration.

To celebrate this special year, the Secretariat is planning several events and we would like to invite all members to join our campaign which is aimed at emphasizing universality and indivisibility of rights that are enshrined in the UDHR.

The campaign is aimed at emphasizing universality and indivisibility of rights that are enshrined in the UDHR.

We plan to (1) display a virtual photo exhibition on human rights (2) build a photo gallery of you or a human rights defender carrying a poster of UDHR in your local Language (s), and (3) publish your personal stories and views of UDHR in our website and Asian Human Rights Defenders (AHRD) newsletter – December issue.

The deadline to submit your entries for the events below is: 10 November 2008. There will be prizes for contributors who submit entries before the deadline (early birds)!  However, before submitting your entries, kindly read the following requirements:

 1. Virtual Photo Exhibition

We would like you to share with us photos or posters of human rights defenders in action. We have categorise this under two themes: Right to Life UDHR Article 3: (E.g extrajudicial killing, death penalty, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention) Right to Basic Needs UDHR Article 25: (E.g right to food, right to water, poverty, UN Millennium Development Goal).

It can be photos of your campaigns, photos of the people affected by the violation of rights to life and right to basic needs, or photos of human rights violation scenes.

Photo resolution should be NOT LESS THAN 800×600, in JPEG file with relevant caption. Please make your caption as brief but meaningful.

2. Photo of UDHR in your Local Language (s)

Please take a photo of you or a human rights defender, holding a paper/ poster written “UDHR” in your local language! It does not have to be your country’s official language. Languages from Indigenous Peoples groups would be given priority.

We are planning to publish these photos in a virtual gallery. Kindly include a caption of ‘UDHR’ in your local language(s), along with your photo(s) when you submit them. These photos will be used for our poster on the UDHR which will be distributed to all members, partners and friends later.

3. “UDHR & I”: personal stories and views about UDHR

We would like to hear how the UDHR has figured in your life. This is a section to share personal stories and experiences of how the UDHR has affected your work. You can also share with us your personal thoughts on how and what you think about UDHR as a human rights defender.

Please send us an article that is not more than 600 words. Include full name or pseudonym of author and organization. These articles will be published on FORUM-ASIA’s website and our Asian Human Rights Defender (AHRD) newsletter – December issue.

4. Tell Us About Your Own Campaigns!

How are you planning to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UDHR in your organization? We would like to know and share your campaigns with other human rights defenders around the globe. We are planning to publish information of your campaigns in our webpage.

We hope all members participate in the campaign and enjoy 60th Anniversary of UDHR with us in solidarity!

For further enquiries, kindly contact: [email protected]