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EU Parliament urges Indonesia to try new suspects on Munir’s case

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European Union Parliament adopted a declaration on the murder case of Munir Said Thalib, an Indonesian human rights activist. According to Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM), the declaration demands the Indonesian government to take necessary measures to bring those responsible for his death to justice.




Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM) hereby would like to inform that on 13 March 2008, 412 members of European Union Parliament adopted a Written Declaration in respect of Munir Said Thalib murder – a Human Right activist. Such declaration signified the official stance of European Parliament to the case in question.

In such Written Declaration No. 98/2007, they demanded on three issues, i.e. first, to prod the Government of Indonesia to take any necessary measure at earliest attention to assure that the entire parties – at all levels – responsible for the death of Munir would be brought to the court so as to uphold justice.

Second, they urged European Union Commission and Council to at all time monitor Munir Case investigation process inclusive of its on-going legal proceedings and third, to instruct the President of European Union to follow up these declared insistences together with its signatories to the following parties:

  • All governments and parliaments of European Union country members
  • The President of Republic of Indonesia and the Chairperson of Indonesia House of Representatives and the Chairperson of Indonesian People’s Assembly

In their considerations, these 412 EU legislators underlined the importance of thorough disclosure of this case. Since Munir murder connoted intimidation and threat to other Human Rights defenders and journalists in Indonesia.

KASUM positively welcomed and expressed its gratitude for UE support to Indonesia in effort to enforce legal sovereignty for this case.

It is worthwhile noting here that the initiative of this declaration signature was sponsored by the likes of Raul Romea I Rueda, Eija-Riitta Korhola, Jules Maaten, Glyn Ford and Ana Maria Gomes on 12 November 2007. Until 12 March 2008, Munir Case gained support from 412 EU legislators (about 53% of 795 its total parliament members). Thus, the preceding declaration can be adopted as a UE Parliament Declaration.

KASUM assessed that this declaration demonstrated exceeding attention from EU Parliament to Munir Case and reflected full support of EU communities on Human Right Enforcement in Indonesia. Such support was given to the Government of Indonesia, particularly to the National Police and General Attorney, to fervently catch the real perpetrator(s) and the leading actor(s) involve in Munir Case, following the punishment of Pollycarpus by 20-year imprisonment by Supreme Court (25/1).

KASUM duly expected that the President together with the Police and General Attorney to positively respond this UE attention by immediately bringing new suspects before the court, such as, former Deputy V BIN (National Intelligent Agency) Muchdi PR who proved making intensive contact with Pollycarpus and starting to probe the former BIN chief, A. M. Hendropriyono.