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Call for Applications: 3rd Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia Academy (GALA Academy)

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The Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia (GALA) Academy is a joint initiative by three leading regional civil society networks working in the field of human rights, development and democracy in Asia – namely, the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and Asia Democracy Network (ADA)- with the aim to strengthen the international advocacy capacity of mid- and high-level staff in CSOs and thereby facilitate second-tier leadership for strategic ‚Äúglocal (global and local)‚ÄĚ actions on key human rights, development and democracy issues as well as related regional and international processes. The GALA Academy is also part of continued endeavors by human rights and development CSOs in the region to meaningfully activate intrinsic linkages between the agendas of the two communities.

The 3rd session of the GALA Academy builds on the experiences of the 1st and 2nd sessions, which took place in 2013 and last year. This time it will still be held in Bangkok, Thailand, for 8 full days from August 1 to 9, 2015. FORUM-ASIA will be the local host.


The general objective of the GALA Academy is to enhance the capacity and shared understanding of the next generation of CSO leaders in Asia, who will play a crucial and constructive role in the national, regional and international advocacy on human rights, development and democracy.

By the end of the week-long training, participants are expected to have attained the following specific objectives:

1) developed an understanding of the international policy-agenda and processes related to human rights, development and democracy in the context of Post-2015 Development Agenda;
2) improved strategic and critical thinking by linking global discourses and local contexts; and
3)  enhanced collaboration among CSOs in the region in developing cross-sectoral advocacy action plans based on collective analysis.


About 30 participants are expected to participate in the 3rd session of the GALA Academy. The selection criteria for participants are:

Р         Full time mid-or high-level staff in a national, sub-regional (South, Southeast and Northeast Asia) or regional NGO/CSO in Asia;
Р         Minimum 3 years- experience in the field of policy and advocacy on human rights or/and development;
Р         Commitment to working in the same organization at least until the end of 2017;
Р         Sufficient knowledge and experiences related to MDGs, Post-2015 Development Agenda, democracy-related issues and/or national/ regional/ UN human rights     mechanisms;
Р         Timely and satisfactory completion and submission of (preparatory) home-assignments; and,
Р         Ability to communicate in English (both spoken and written).

Selected alumni from the previous GALAA sessions shall also be invited to participate for upgrading of skills and knowledge, and provision of venue for engagement and mentoring. The selection criteria for participating alumni are:

Р         Consistency in the application of knowledge and skills gained during GALAA to their organisation;
Р         Updated in the development of SDG negotiations;
Р         Willingness to assist in training facilitation and mentoring.


Candidates are required to submit the duly filled Online Application Format with a Recommendation Letter from the head of the organization that he/she works with and submit this letter to¬†[email protected].

Р           Completed Applications must be submitted on or before 13 March 2015
Р           The brochure and the forms can be also downloaded from one of these three websites: / /

For further details on the learning goals and objectives, the programme outline as well as the selection process of the 3nd GALA Academy, please refer to the brochure. For any further inquiries or information on the 3nd ¬†GALA Academy, please contact us at [email protected].

GALA Academy Brochure

GALA Academy Application Form