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Asian Human Rights Defender (Vol. 2 No. 3, 3rd Quarter 2006)

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{mosimage} Linking Development and Human Rights

List of Articles

Development and Human Rights

  • Poverty and Human Rights
  • Migrant workers: “The right to have rights”
  • Northeast Asian Human Rights Defenders’ Forum: Development aid and human rights
  • Strategising HRD initiatives 
  • Development-induced internal displacement
  • Holding corporations accountable for human rights
  • Democracy and human security  
  • UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights:  Hanging in the balance

Programme Highlights

  • Sri Lanka: Fade to Grey—the struggle for peace
  • Whose responsibility is it to protect and assist IDPs?
  • Thailand: The moral enigma of a popular coup
  • There is no justice and opportunities under dictatorship
    South Asia: The Maldives: People’s struggle needs international support
  • Democracy and the Rule of Law: Confronting threats to peoples’ security
    Indonesia: Impunity still reigns
    Singapore: Criminalising dissent
  • Regional Advocacy: Asean and civil society organizations—Will the twain meet this
  • Human Rights Defenders: Asian governments hinder the work of the UN Special Repesentative
  • Women's Rights and Gender: Asia Pacific NGO Consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
  • Regional Advocacy: National human rights institutions: Dubious members of a
    prestigious circle
  • The CHRP: NHRI in a Coercive Environment and a Culture of Impunity
  • UN Advocacy:  Second Session of Human Rights Council: Failure to address concrete
    human rights issues
  • Special Procedures under review
  • More space for NGOs, for now
  • Noted from the Second Session…—p. 40

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