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ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) 2019

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The ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) is an annual forum of civil society organisations from ASEAN Member States held in parallel with the ASEAN Summit. The meeting is organised by civil society in the country that holds the ASEAN Chairmanship. As Thailand is the Chair of ASEAN for this year, ACSC/APF is to be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand on 10 – 12 September 2019.

ACSC/APF 2019 is centred on the theme, ‘Advancing Peoples’ Movements for Justice, Peace, Equality, Sustainability and Democracy in Southeast Asia’. Under this overarching theme, seven convergence spaces are organised through which participants are able to share their expertise and experiences in tackling similar or interrelated issues; and find ways to develop, collaborate, and advance national and regional campaigns.

ACSC/APF 2019 convergence spaces include:

1) Human Rights, Democracy, and Access to Justice;

2) Trade Investment and Corporate Power;

3) Peace & Security;

4) Migration;

5) Decent Work, Health & Social Protection;

6) Ecological Sustainability; and

7) Innovation, Emerging Technology and Digital Security.

FORUM-ASIA Activities

Under the convergence space on Human Rights, Democracy and Access to Justice, FORUM-ASIA is proud to organise the following activities:

Rising Populism and ‘Othering’ in ASEAN – Protecting rights and freedoms of ethnic-religious and LGBTIQ+ communities
Date: Tuesday, 10 September 2019
Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Venue: Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Strengthening the Role of AICHR to Address Peace and Human Rights Issues in ASEAN
Date: Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Time: 09:30 – 11:00
Venue: Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

FORUM-ASIA will moderate and speak at several other activities. Follow discussions and get updates from us on Facebook and Twitter.