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Apply Now! Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School 2007

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Learn and experience the history and development of human rights and democracy in South Korea.  Applications are now being accepted to participate in the May 18 Memorial Foundation’s annual training session.


The Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School aims to contribute to the development of democracy and human rights throughout Asia. Total of twenty-five (25) invitees from all over Asia who have been working for human rights and peace organizations in their own countries shall be given an opportunity to learn and experience the history and development process of human rights and democracy in South Korea.

Participants will be introduced to Korean history, the movements and struggle for democracy, including the 1980 Gwangju Democratic Uprising, both through theoretical and practical experiences such as seminars, discussions and field trips to the sites of democratization movements in Korea. Included in the program design are sessions on administration of cultural events and youth activities; orientation on documentation and record preservation; and building networks and conduct of international cooperation projects.

Basic Criteria

1) Applicants will be chosen and categorized according to the following levels:
a) 5 participants – Senior Manager/Director Level  (Total of 3-week of stay in Korea)
b) 10 participants – Middle Manager/Supervisory Level  (Total of 2-week of stay in Korea)
c) 10 participants – Junior Staff  (Total of 2-week of stay in Korea)

2) Must have more than 2 years of NGO work experience (human rights, democracy and/or peace organizations) for the junior staff. The other levels require minimum 5 years of work experience.

3) Facilities for English language (Korean an advantage) and demonstrate capacity for active participation in discussions and cultural events.

4) Application is endorsed by his/her organization.

5) Must be sensitive to cultural conditions and traditions of Korea/Koreans and co-participants.

Application and Selection Process of the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School

1. Application forms will be released in June 2007 and the deadline for applications will be on 20th July 2007. The final list of folk school participants will be announced in the month of August 2007.

2. The folk school will be conducted for two weeks from September 2-16, 2007.

3. Applicants should fill-out the application form properly and submit via email to The May 18 Memorial Foundation.

4. The May 18 Memorial Foundation – International Committee, (composed of individuals from different organizations) is in-charge of selecting the final list of participants after a careful evaluation and assessment of applicants.

5. Guidelines and other details on the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School will be given to successful applicants.

Important Dates:

1. Application deadline: July 20, 2007
2. Period of event: September 2-16, 2006

Other Information and Details

The May 18 Memorial Foundation will cover round-trip airfare, meals, and accommodation of those successful applicants.

Please download and fill out the application form attached or download from our website and email it to us at: [email protected].

For information about the past folk schools visit our blog and check the September 2005 archive at –

To learn more about the The May 18 Memorial Foundation please visit the English section of our website at –

Please help us disseminate this information.

Good wishes.

Chanho Kim
International Cooperation Team
The May 18 Memorial Foundation