NEPAL: INSEC calls for increased representation of women at decision making level
26 September 2008 6:08 am

nepal_women.jpgInformal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), based in Kathmandu, Nepal and a FORUM-ASIA member, has called on the Nepal government to ensure substantial inclusion of women in major decisions.

INSEC's statement, issued on 23 September 2008, expressed concern over no election or selection of any female candidate in the recently held selection of President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Citing several existing provisions, the statement has asked for inclusion of women in organs of the state, upcoming parliamentary committees and commissions like Truth Commission and Commission on Disappeared Persons and to strengthen the Women's Commission. Nepal has few provisions in paper to put the considerable women representation in decision making level.

The restored Parliament on May 2006 endorsed a motion to ensure 33 percent representation of women in every organs of the state and to have 33 percent representation of women in all policy making level of the state .

The Interim Constitution of Nepal 2006 has a provision of 33 percent representation of women in the Constituent Assembly.

The policies and programmes revealed by the government on 14 September 2008 also raised the issue about programmes to ensure proportional representation of women in all organs of the state.

The National Women's Commission for women's empowerment and efforts will be initiated to make the National Women's Commission as a constitutional body.

Nepal has 197 women members out of 601 in the Constituent Assembly, making it the highest in South Asia 32.78%. Pakistan comes second with 76 out of 338 (22.49%) elected parliamentarians.