From Our Member Pusat KOMAS, Malaysia – Race to Equality
28 May 2021 11:08 pm

Pusat Komas, our member from Malaysia, has launched a virtual run campaign for social cohesion and national unity, Race to Equality, in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21st March 2021. The objective of the run is:

  1. To permeate past NGO/CSO networks and have ordinary citizens be proponents of the common aspiration of equal treatment for all Malaysians and eliminating racial discrimination and racism in Malaysia;
  2. To garner pledges from participants towards the aspiration for equality and of eliminating racial discrimination and racism in Malaysia; and
  3. To investigate if a run is a feasible means to an end: to popularise non-discrimination principles and spread awareness on the global movement towards the elimination of race and racial superiority.


A virtual run- opposed to a physical, collective run- is a running event that one could participate at any location, at one’s own pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. The participant is required to run (yes, physically) with a running/exercise app e.g. Strava to track their running achievements and progress. After running, the participant would be required to submit screenshots of their progress to the registered platform.