Myanmar: Three years on, still no justice for the Rohingya
25 August 2020 7:36 pm

Myanmar: Three years on, still no justice for the Rohingya

On the third anniversary of the Rohingya genocide, FORUM-ASIA’s East Asia and ASEAN Manager Rachel Arinii-Judhistari said:

Three years after the Myanmar military drove out close to a million Rohingya in its genocidal ‘clearance operation’, the genocide against them continues. The Myanmar government has failed to protect the Rohingya, despite a ruling from the International Court of Justice. The government has not only demonstrated unwillingness to hold the military accountable for the atrocities against the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities, it has actively sought to shield military personnel from accountability.

Today, almost a million Rohingya remain in dire conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh with no hope of safe, sustainable and dignified return. Ongoing conflicts in recent months have continued to displace the Rohingya and threaten their safety.

The root causes of the violations against the Rohingya, including the denial of citizenship, remain unaddressed and perpetuate a culture of violence and impunity. Their exclusion in the coming elections demonstrates the continued campaign to deprive them of a voice in the country. 

The international community has an obligation to pursue criminal accountability for the Rohingya. FORUM-ASIA calls on the UN Security Council to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court or to establish an ad-hoc tribunal. Three years on, with no willingness from the Myanmar government to hold the military accountable, it is imperative that the international community act immediately.


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