From Our Member the Maldivian Democracy Network, The Maldives – Press Release
10 October 2019 11:28 am


9 October 2019

The Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) was established in response to the mass arrest of approximately 300 people on 12 and 13 August 2004, to assist the families of those who were arbitrarily detained and tortured. Since MDN’s inception, this organisation works on issues of public concern, in light of its merits, for the wider Maldivian society by exhausting all avenues through advocacy and litigation. We are an NGO that promotes and protects moderate views, peace and unity in the Maldives. This organisation does not accept or condone disrespect to Islam.

The findings of our 2016 research show the alarming existence of violent extremism in the Maldives, evidence of terrorist activities carried out by organisations and individuals in recruiting Maldivian youth into violent extremism. Urgent action and vigilance from all State institutions are required to halt these unlawful activities. It is worth noting that specific groups are working to conceal threats and divert the focus of possible investigations, through targeted campaigns to spread disinformation and hatred.

We call on all State institutions to combat the spread of violent extremist narratives, the incitement to violence, and to prevent further shrinking of civil society space in the country.

We accept the unfortunate use of language in some sections of the report. We have offered an apology for any offence to public sensitivities as soon as these issues were raised, and have since retracted the report for further review.

MDN is providing full cooperation to the Maldives Police Service in its investigation against this organisation.

We condemn the continued harassment of our members and employees with death threats, and call on the authorities to take legal action against those committing these acts.



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