Join ‘I Defend Rights’ to record your stories online
19 October 2018 11:25 am

Are you a human rights defender?
Would you like your stories to be “heard” around the world?

If your answer is ‘Yes’
Here is an exciting opportunity for you to be part of!

FORUM-ASIA is partnering in an exciting global project to create a massive audio archive of voices of people all over the world who defend rights. In our current era, when rights are under extreme attack in so many countries, it has never been more important to remind people worldwide about why we defend rights. The project seeks to record and share the very human stories of all who defend rights. To do this, it is are collecting, curating, and disseminating a global archive of the voices of human rights defenders using the audio platform.

This is a project of the Norwegian Human Rights Fund and The goal is to demonstrate the wide diversity of people who defend human rights. After collecting these recordings, they plan to distribute many of them through creative communications channels, such as exhibition, education and campaign. They will also make the archive available to all the partners. Once your submission of audio recording is successful, it will be reviewed and published online here, and you can submit it anytime.

Record your own story

We hope you will record yourself on this platform responding to a few questions and that you will ask others to do the same. It only takes a few minutes. Note that you must be at a computer (not a phone or tablet).

It could not be easier. Go to their website Just click on “Participate” and follow instructions to set up an account using your laptop or desktop computer and share your story. (Unfortunately, you can’t do it on your phone – yet). Then use the built-in microphone and answer three basic questions:

1) your name and why you defend rights
2) the most challenging part of what you do, and
3) what continues to inspire you to defend rights

Talk for as little or as long as you’d like. You can upload photographs too. (no video). At the end of the process, you can be anonymous.

Please go to their website and record yourself. Additionally, please circulate this invite to participate in the project to whomever might be interested.

For more information on the project, see