From Our Member Maldivian Democracy Network, the Maldives – Press Release: Implementation of the Supreme Court Order no.2018/SC-SJ/01
5 February 2018 11:15 am

Press Release

03 February 2018

Implementation of the Supreme Court Order no.2018/SC-SJ/01

We welcome the decision of the judiciary to reverse some of the unlawful and unconstitutional decisions that led to the destruction of the rule of law and the weakening of democratic governance in the country, and the call on all relevant government authorities and State institutions to respect and implement the Supreme Court order to reinstate the parliamentary seats of Members of Parliament and to release detainees that the order has deemed free.

The disqualification of the said Members of Parliament was, as noted before by this organisation and many others, unconstitutional and unlawful, as are the unfair detention and trials that have led to the imprisonment of the individuals stated in the order.

We call strongly on the Attorney General and the Prosecutor General to refrain from delaying the implementation of the court order in the name of legal analysis, and follow appeal processes as outlined in the laws. It must be understood that holding detainees deemed free by the court order is an unlawful act and can amount to criminal charges by those engaged in it.

We stress for the need for the rule of law, and repeat our calls upon the State to expedite action on the court order and avoid any negative consequences of public displeasure.

While we call on all members of the public to exercise restraint and calmness during this time, we call on the law enforcement authorities to ensure that the people are able to exercise their right to free expression and assembly.

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