From our Member Globe International, Mongolia – Media Freedom Report 2016
8 May 2017 3:39 pm

Globe International is pleased to present its 2016 Media Freedom Report. They would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to UNESCO Beijing Office for their support of our publication.

In 2016, global media struggled through an extremely difficult period, with accusations of ‘fake news’ and the dissemination of misinformation. Over the last few months, academics, leading journalists, media leaders and policy makers, have been deep in thought about what has led to this state of affairs.

Mongolia has its own share of problems. False news, fake news and disinformation are interpreted as libel and insult by the political elite and hotly debated during discussions on Criminal Law and the Law on Administrative Measures in Parliament. Politicians say it is the fault of journalists who should not be circulating negative information. Unfortunately politicians forget that they own the media outlets.

The first part of this year’s report introduces you to the freedom of expression legal framework, in particular its guarantees and restrictions, and the second part highlights the 2016 freedom of expression violations.

To download the full report, please click here.