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4th SAPA General Forum to be held in Kathmandu

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The 4th
Solidarity for ASEAN Peoples Advocacy (SAPA) General Forum will be held
in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 26-27 March 2010.

The 4th
Solidarity for ASEAN Peoples Advocacy (SAPA) General Forum will be held
in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 26-27 March 2010.

The past year
had seen a lot of action in the region, highlighted by the drama of the
2nd ASEAN Peoples' Forum/5th ACSC, the adoption of the Terms of
Reference and selection of members of an ASEAN
Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights, the defeat of the Tamil
Tigers in Sri Lanka and its aftermath, increased number of forced
repatriations of asylum seekers and undocumented workers, and civil
society's strengthened resolve to push for the people-oriented community
envisioned in the ASEAN Charter and their ideals of alternative
regionalism.  Through all these, civil society has perseveringly
responded, consulted and collaborated, both through their organisational
capacities and through the Working Groups and Task Forces of SAPA.  

this point, it is again time to 'pause, look at how far civil society
has gone, and how far they still need to go on' in building an
alternative Asian society they dream of: "peaceful, just and equitable,
and where the rights and interests of the poor, marginalized and
discriminated people are adequately protected and their efforts and
struggle for empowerment and liberation are assured".   

How did
we SAPA respond to the realities that impacted the peoples?  How can
SAPA more collectively, effectively respond?  

With these in
mind, and remembering the decisions made during the last General Forum
to support, strengthen and build civil society initiatives in South
Asia, the Regional Steering Committee has announced that the 4th General
Forum will be held on March 26-27, 2010 at Hotel Everest in Kathmandu,

For any question or clarification on the General Forum,
you may get in touch with the MFA (Migrant Forum Asia) Secretariat: 

+63 2 4333508 
Phone: +6329282740
Mobile: +639215405063
[email protected]¬†¬†¬†¬†