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2013 ANNI Report on the Performance and Establishment of National Human Rights Institutions in Asia

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The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), as the Secretariat of the Asian NGO Network on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI), humbly presents the publication of the 2013 ANNI Report on the Performance and Establishment of National Human Rights Institutions in Asia. Our sincere appreciation goes to all 30 ANNI member organizations from across 17 countries in Asia for their participation and commitment to ANNI. This year, ANNI continues to further its engagement with Burma Partnership and its partners inside Burma. The strengthening of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) has been and remains a principal priority especially in this period of transition. ANNI also welcomes the engagement, for the first time, with People’s Empowerment Foundation (Thailand) and the Potahar Organization for Development Advocacy (Pakistan) with ANNI and the contribution of country reports. At the same time, we extend our thanks to the NHRIs that have contributed inputs to the country reports and to the Asia-Pacific Forum (APF) for its continued engagement with ANNI at various levels

Reports submitted by organizations representing 16 countries consider the developments that took place over the course of 2012 and significant events in the first quarter of 2013. As with previous years, the country reports have been researched and structured in accordance with the ANNI Reporting Guidelines that were collectively formulated by the ANNI members at its 6th Regional Consultation in March 2013. This year, the Report streamlined its focus to centre primarily on issues of Independence, Effectiveness and Accountability of NHRIs. Due to currency and increasing importance, two questionnaires on (i) Corporate Accountability / Business & Human Rights and (ii) NHRIs as HRDs were developed and sent to NHRIs- whose replies (where available) were incorporated into the chapters. We believe that this annual report will continue to serve its purpose as an advocacy tool to enhance the effective functioning of NHRIs and that they can continue to play its role as public defenders and protectors of human rights on the ground.

FORUM-ASIA would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to the publication of this Report; namely Khin Ohmar, Elise Tillet, Miyuru Gunasinghe, Anushaya Collure, Tsai Chi-Hsun, Mandkhaitsetsen Urantulkhuur, Alistair Rooms, Urantsooj Gombosuren, Sachchal Ahmad, Dr. Renato G. Mabunga, Shoko Fukui, Bijaya Raj Gautam, Humaida Abdulghafoor, Mikyung Choe, Ravin Karunanidhi, Chumaporn Taengkliang, Warunyakorn Fakthong, Sultana Kamal, Aklima Ferdows Lisa, Zainal Abidin, Indriaswati D. Saptaningrum, Jose Pereira and  Henri Tiphagne. Our sincere thanks to the Country Program team of FORUM-ASIA who has assisted in the process. This year, ANNI especially conveys it gratitude to Balasingham Skanthakumar for his expertise and guidance in editing the Report. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in the publication of this Report.

We hope that this publication will be beneficial for all stakeholders involved in the strengthening and establishment of NHRIs in the region.

Evelyn Balais-Serrano

Executive Director

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)

Secretariat of ANNI

Click here to download the Report (PDF)