Human Rights Defenders Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s HRD Programme is a protection measure for human rights defenders (HRDs) and women human rights defenders (WHRD) in Asia. It seeks to facilitate a conducive environment for HRDs/WHRDs towards a more effective and efficient conduct of their work while being conscious of the risks involving their actions. It also pursues provision of practical safeguards for HRDs/WHRDs at risk by reducing both actual and perceived threats stemming from their work and activities.

The overall Programme Objective is to cultivate sustainability for effective advocacy work of Asian HRDs/WHRDs in defense of human rights in Asia and beyond. Specifically, the HRD Programme aims:

  1. To reduce occurrence of threats, intimidation and attacks against HRDs/WHRDs in Asia
  2. To foster an enabling environment for Asian HRDs/WHRDs to carry out their legitimate work freely
  3. To develop next generation of HRDs in Asia equipped with leadership and capacity for strategic advocacy actions.







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