From Our Member The Awakening, Pakistan – Incidences Report January 2023 (Human Rights Violations in Pakistan)
27 February 2023 4:19 pm

Pakistan has been facing the brunt of human rights violations for a long time. The country is facing a plethora of issues that are causing human rights violations. These issues include terrorism, forced disappearance, shrinking space for civil society, honor crimes, violence against women, climate justice, violation of right to freedom of expression, association, assembly and thought. To monitor these issues and raise awareness, “The Awakening” launched an Incidences Report in January 2023. The report highlights the pressing issues of the month, including misuse of blasphemy law, enforced disappearance, the murder of human rights defender, freedom of expression/freedom of the press, extrajudicial killing in police custody, and suicide attack on police.

Read the report summary here: The Awakening HR Violation Reports -Jan-2023