From Our Member Forum for Dignity Initiatives, Pakistan – Documentary video of 2022 flood in Balochistan
31 January 2023 10:43 am

The 2022 flood in Pakistan was one of the worst natural disasters in the country’s recent history. Heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding in several provinces, affecting millions and destroying homes, infrastructure, and crops. The floodwaters submerged vast areas of land, disrupting transportation and communication networks and causing widespread damage to the economy. The disaster left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, with limited access to food, clean water, and medical care. The government and international organizations launched a massive relief and rescue operation to help the affected populations, but the scale of the disaster overwhelmed the existing resources and efforts.

The Forum for Dignity Initiatives in Pakistan released a documentary showcasing the devastation caused by the 2022 floods in Balochistan. The film focuses on the perspectives of women and the issue of climate justice. FDI reached out to 300 camps in 4 districts of Balochistan (Jafferabad, Naseerabad, Usta Muhammad, and Sohbatpur) between September to November 2022, providing aid to 10,300 girls, women, transgender persons, and women with disabilities. This aid included medicines, menstrual and personal hygiene kits, and contraceptives.

Watch the video here