FORUM-ASIA Annual Report 2021: Charting a Year of Human Rights Resilience in Asia
26 September 2022 11:31 am

FORUM-ASIA is proud to present its 2021 Annual Report.

In light of the constantly changing COVID-19 environment, from hardships to improvements, FORUM-ASIA has continued to adapt to meet the evolving demands within our organisation to help and contribute to our members as they work toward the ultimate objective of promoting and protecting human rights throughout Asia and beyond. In 2021, this meant shifting and constantly adapting a significant portion of our work into the digital domain, yet prioritising humane interactions, which was tough but also provided a chance for opportunities and growth.

Throughout 2021, we have shown how firm, committed, and buoyant FORUM-ASIA is in charting a year of human rights resilience in Asia.

The report provides a summary of the activities FORUM-ASIA undertook in 2021 to advance and defend human rights in the region. Among other things, it includes financial information, a map of all our member organisations in 2021 , and updates and activities from the Secretariat programmes.

With the help of this report, FORUM-ASIA seeks to shed light on our accomplishments and pave the way for future cooperation. We are thankful to the people whose invaluable contributions have made FORUM-ASIA’s accomplishment possible, to our donors, members, and partners, and especially, to all human rights defenders across the region, who inspired our work to promote and seek meaningful changes for the society.

You can download the full report here.