From Our Member Human Rights Measurement Initiative, New Zealand – 2022 Rights Tracker Human Rights Data Release
22 June 2022 11:38 am


Rights Tracker is the first comprehensive set of measurements for tracking the human rights performance of countries, launched by the Human Rights Measure Initiative. The newly launched 2022 data set include; an annual data on five economic and social rights for 194 countries (depending on the right) from 2007 to 2019, based on the award-winning SERF Index methodology and annual data on eight civil and political rights for up to 41 countries for the years 2017-2021, with more countries, added each year.

Join HRMI in the launch of the tracker in the series of events:

1. Civil and Political Rights (CPR) data release

As a part of the CPR launch session, HRMI will be holding a brief 15-minute panel discussion focusing on the India and China data, our newest additions to the Rights Tracker in 2022.
2. Economic and Social Rights (ESR) data release
HRMI  will unveil new economic and social rights scores for around 200 countries, and discuss regional and global trends.
HRMI has also updated its Rights Tracker with a brand-new score for 2022. View the updated data here