From Our Member Globe International Center (GIC), Mongolia – Media Freedom Report 2019
11 June 2020 5:06 pm

In conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, Globe International Center (GIC) is pleased to launch its recurrent on the state of media freedom in Mongolia.

UNESCO launched a global campaign for the 27th World Press Freedom Day, under the theme “Journalism without Fear or Favour.”

Within the framework of the UNESCO concept, the following three sub-themes of GIC’s report is discussed at global and national levels:

a) Safety of women and men Journalists and media workers,

b) Independent and professional journalism, free from political and commercial influence,

c) Gender equality in all aspect of the media.

Most importantly, this year’s focus on taking action to protect independent journalism is hinged upon the 2019 World Press Freedom theme that aimed to reinforce media’s contribution to elections and the battle against disinformation.

The 2020 World Press Freedom Day has two features. Firstly, the global efforts to fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a disease that shakes the world, have introduced new conditions, new challenges and new criteria. Mongolia’s rapid response measures to address the COVID-19 set a good example to the world.

Secondly, the World Press Freedom Day theme is timely for Mongolia as the elections for the State Great Hural (the Parliament) are scheduled to be held on 24 June 2020. The United Nations and international organisations have issued a number of policy documents and guidelines concerning the pandemic situation.

GIC has issued a compilation on COVID-19 and media freedom based on the  recommendations and responses of these organisations. You can refer to to read the full version in Mongolian.

These documents have recommended that during a state of emergency, there should be no unnecessary restrictions on media freedom, and all information related to the crisis should be accessible and available to media and journalists. Moreover, government representatives and health experts should respect the media’s right to criticism.

For a PDF version of this report, please click here.