Our Struggle for Human Rights – 25 Years of FORUM-ASIA
9 January 2016 11:58 am

In 2016 the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) celebrates its 25 year anniversary. 25 years of promoting and protecting human rights. 25 years of trainings, campaigns, advocacy efforts, and much more. This is both a reason for celebration and reflection. To reflect on what we have done, what lessons we have learnt, and what we see as priorities for the future.

The publication ‘Our Struggle for Human Rights – 25 Year of FORUM-ASIA‘ is part of a campaign to celebrate 25 years of FORUM-ASIA. An online version, which will include a lot of additional
videos, articles and other content, is available at https://25.forum-asia.org. ‘Our Struggle for Human Rights – 25 years of FORUM-ASIA’, hopes to reflect on and learn from the past, showcase accomplishments, and look towards the future. While it is being published as part of the anniversary of FORUM-ASIA, it hopes to be of value for all that are or who desire to become involved with the human rights movement in Asia.

The content for this publication was collected in different ways. 36 people were interviewed, some 80 participated in different meetings and consultations, and some 35 submitted written inputs. Documents from the FORUM-ASIA archive, as well as online sources were used to finalise different parts of the text.

Click here to download the publication (PDF)