Talking About Taboos: Asia Pacific women reflect on issues of Sexuality
1 January 2004 12:00 am

{mosimage}This is a summary report of a study workshop on ‘Sexuality and Violence against Women: Access to Justice and Asia-Pacific Consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women’, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The report is an attempt to draw attention to some of the critical issues around sexuality and sexual violence in the [ Read more ]

Neither Wolf, nor Lamb: Embracing Civil Society in the Aceh Conflict
12:00 am

{mosimage}This publication is an introduction to the complicated story of Aceh. As its name suggests, the Wolf represents the wars or imperialism that Aceh, the so-called Lamb is encountering. No underlying thesis is presented but only some goals to undermine the metaphorical Wolf and Lamb. The first goal aims at holding every actor responsible to [ Read more ]

Human Rights in Asia: Pushed to the Brink – Annual Human Rights Report 2003
1 January 2003 12:00 am

{mosimage}This report examines the impact of globalisation on human rights in Asia, the right to health and to food in the ASEAN context draws links between human rights and poverty. Specific concerns such as migrant workers, sexual violence against women in conflict areas, and internally displaced persons are highlighted. It also examines disregard for the [ Read more ]

Surfing Rights in Asia
1 December 2002 12:00 am

{mosimage}This book is an attempt to explain that in the era of globalization, one distinct phenomena is the poverty and gap within and between countries. It is an analyses of the impact and consequence of globalization on human rights as well as a report of human rights violations against the International Human Rights Instruments in [ Read more ]

Aceh: The Untold Story
30 November 2000 7:00 pm

{mosimage} As Indonesia’s most isolated province, Aceh has been under a state policy of repression, persecution and exploitation. The “untold story” refers to the general lack of information available about Aceh. This collaborative project of Forum-Asia and SCHRA is part of an international campaign to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Aceh and [ Read more ]

Creating Asia: Flags of Human Rights, Seeds of Freedom (Human Rights Report 1999)
31 August 2000 7:00 pm

{mosimage}This book is an overview of the state of human rights in Asia in the year of 1999. The reports first summarize the general protection of human rights in the region and then move on to sub-regional overviews with special attention on East Timor. The bulk of the report overviews the key focuses of human [ Read more ]

Indonesia Post-Soeharto
31 December 1998 7:00 pm

{mosimage}“Indonesia Post-Soeharto” brings together eleven of Indonesia’s key democracy figures and critics, together with East Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao and a victim of the brutality of the Soeharto regime in East Timor. The articles, interviews and testimonies provide a powerful historical record of the 32 year Soeharto rule and present new analyses and visions as [ Read more ]

Jakarta Crackdown
31 December 1996 7:00 pm

{mosimage}The riots that rocked Jakarta on 27 July 1996, and the political events preceding and after that date, have left deep wounds in the Indonesian society. The Incident has been used as a trigger to prompt a crackdown on pro-democracy activists. This book is an overview of how development of a political discourse on democractisation [ Read more ]